BITS-Pilani, Goa Subchapter

The Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS), Pilani is an all-India Institute for higher education. The primary motive of BITS is to "train young men and women able and eager to create and put into action such ideas, methods, techniques and information"

The Goa campus of BITS-Pilani was commissioned as a sister campus in 2004. The campus is spread over 188 acres in the lush green and beautiful state of Goa, India with 2400 students and 300 staff members and boasts one of the largest auditoriums in India with a capacity of 2400.


BITS-Pilani, KK Birla Goa Campus is proud to associate with the Goa State Google Technology User Group.

Developers' Quality:

BITS Pilani being the top private University in India (Outlook rankings 2008[1], with admission selection rate of students merely less than 2.08% in 2007 and admission without any reservations, we can easily expect the developer community (made of up of the crème of India’s Technical Engineers) in BITS Pilani K.K. Birla Goa Campus, Goa, India to be extremely proactive.

Technical and Management Activities:

In BITS, the administration gives a lot of opportunity to cultivate our technical interests. Students undertake many formal projects (linked to our course and under the supervision of our professors) and several informal projects for our 30+ student run clubs, departments and associations. We work with the latest technologies and there are a lot of Open Source Developers (particularly those specializing in PHP, Java & Python). We are proud to have had the largest number (9) of Google Summer of Code student selections in the GSoC 2009 in India. Our college was 7th in terms of the number of students selected in the World[2]

At BITS, students engage themselves in several. We have Linux Users Group, BITS Mozilla Club, Oracle(formerly Sun) Users Group, ISpeaks, Centre for Software Development and a variety of Clubs and Departments for like-minded people to group into and contribute. Every year, we host “Quark”, the largest Technological festival in Goa[3], “Waves”, the largest cultural festival in Goa[4] and “Spree”, the largest sports festival in Goa[5]. Quark has a Special Panel of Events, “Programmers’ InQ”[6], the Computer Science/ Information Systems Panel including our flagship events “RIP OPEN” (Open Source Web Development event, sponsored by Cognizant for 2 consecutive years) and “ Binary Pirates” (Online Ethical Hacking, sponsored by NGMA).

All the festivals are 100% student run.

A little more about us... :

Direct Connect:

Our whole campus community is connected through Direct Connect Software. DC, a peer to peer file sharing system, which also has a very active system for information sharing, allowing us to even host polls (e.g. a poll of “Which is the best web browser?” was hosted once). Through Direct Connect, we can get instant feedback from 1000+ users and can float any software for testing. Also, the students have written several DC scripts to improvise the user experience.

Technical Opportunities:

We (the students) maintain our campus proxy server, our LDAP server, our Web Mail Server, our official campus website[7], our DC Hubs etc. The campus has had the fortune of playing host to many delegates from different companies (such as Mozilla, Yahoo, Cognizant, Red Hat, Cypress, Schlumberger, Nettech, NullCon etc), who have conducted Guest lectures/Workshops so as to educate students about latest technologies.

Our 2400 seating air-conditioned Auditorium, one of the largest in the whole of Asia:

Strong Alumni Base:
BITS has a large pool of old students that consists of several technical entrepreneurs[8]. A list of our notable BITS Alumni can be found here:[9]

Web Links:

[1] - - Reputation_and_rankings


[3]- Our TechFest Quark 2010 having a budget of INR 32,00,000 (USD 68310) raised completely through sponsorship by our Department of Sponsorship and Marketing; the designing of Posters, website, and publicity material is done by our Department of Publicity and Public Relations (which brought in a footfall of 35000 on campus & 1,32,493 (unique visitors) on our Quark website). Similarly we have various student departments to handle minutest aspects of the festivals.




[7]- Official Home Page of our college:



[10]- Our 2400 seating air-conditioned Auditorium:

[11]- Wikipedia Page of our beautiful lush green campus:

[12]- TEDx BITS Goa:

* Google Groups is used as an online communication channel by our Core Committees of our all festivals.