About Us

About Goa:

Goa is a very famous tourist spot apart from being an educational hub. Goa is renowned for its beaches, places of worship and world heritage architecture. Goa is visited by large numbers of international and domestic tourists each year.

Why Goa GTUG:

Goa State GTUG is a Goa, India based open group of members to use, learn, share and contribute to Google Technologies and in general to the wonderful World of Open Source.

There are large no of developer communities, discretely located, in and around Goa but they are currently not running in coordination with each other. We, through Goa GTUG aim at bringing them all under common umbrella for the betterment of all.

What Google Developer Technologies can developers contribute to?

Google's Android Mobile Operating System, App Engine, Google Web Toolkit apart from several Google APIs like Earth API, Youtube API, Maps API, Gadgets API, AJAX API,  Calendar API, Wave API, Buzz API. For a complete list one can refer

check the attached file for the complete list of Google Developer APIs.

(Credits to Mr. S.P.T. Krishnan (or fondly known as Kris), Singapore GTUG for compiling the list)


The activities will mainly aim at creating a platform for like-minded people to develop & test on Google Developer Technologies and to discuss & get feedback from the users.

The activities we aim to conduct include amongst many others:

1. Live Guest Lectures (in person) of various delegates: Inviting delegates from Google Inc or other companies utilizing Google Technologies (depending on their availability) to conduct Guest lectures in campus and to share their experiences.

2. Conducting monthly meetings/ seminars to discuss about various languages like Python, Java, PHP etc and Google Technologies like Google App Engine, Web Toolkit, Google APIs, Chrome extensions, Android, Open Web Standards, HTML5, Google Apps etc. Check out code.google.com for the full list of offerings.

3. Conducting events like Coding Sessions, Hackathons, Bar Camps etc

4. Conducting National/ State level events like Google Devfest India or PyCon India, Nullcon Goa etc.

5. Video conferencing sessions: with the core developers of Google Products where GTUG members get a unique chance to ask the developers directly why the Google products are the way they are and give relevant feedback.

6. Install fests for mass installing and/or troubleshooting Google technologies' installations.

7. Contests: Conducting video/poster/t shirt design making contests for various Google events.

8. Getting instant Feedback from users (by conducting Polls) for various new Google Products by floating them on various online/colleges' local communication channels and P2P networks.

9. Exclusive Technical Talks Videos shot for members to keep them updated and increase their knowledge.

10. Conducting Software Freedom Day for whole Goa with other open source clubs like Linux Users Group, Oracle (formerly Sun) Users Group etc

11. Coding and group discussions on Google Products and in general on open source.

12. Conducting Events in Collaboration with other GTUGs in India and making GTUGs a really BIG initiative.

Any other activity which Google/ other GTUGs want us to do or the ideas that group members come up with (since it is a community driven initiative).

Disclaimer: The Goa State GTUG is an independent user group with an interest in Google technology and the content from this group is entirely independent from Google, the corporation.

Shashank Todwal,
Sep 5, 2010, 12:58 PM